Travel soccer does not necessarily mean traveling great distances. The majority of our games are within 30 to 50 minutes of Myerstown and are played on weekends. Travel teams are for serious soccer players who are dedicated to the sport and committed to improving their skills on their own (at home) throughout the year – not just at regular practice sessions. These games are more competitive and the “away” games can be as much as 50 minutes from their home field. The following are points of consideration for travel team players:

1) Travel Teams will be considered for U9 through U15 boys and U9 through U15 Girls. The availability of travel teams will be based on the interest level in each age group.

2) Tryouts are held once a year in May for the seasonal year beginning August 1st and continuing through next spring/summer. The goal is to pick the best players for the travel teams.

3) Travel teams play both a fall and spring season. Players in the travel program are expected to play in both seasons.

4) Travel teams may play in the Reading Berks Junior Soccer League or the Lancaster County Youth Soccer League. They generally play six to eight league games in both the spring and fall with a playoff tournament at the end of the fall season.

5) Often times, travel teams play in other tournaments throughout the year. In the past, many travel teams have elected to play in a fall tournament (before the start of the regular fall season), and a spring tournament (after the end of the regular spring season).

Recreational / Intramural teams are for players of all skill levels. Their “away” game locations are usually within 30 minutes of their home field. The Myerstown Soccer Club is a recreational soccer club.