The mission of the ELCO United tryout and selection process is to ensure that all players receive a fair opportunity to join a team of their peers possessing similar game skills and desire.

Eligible Participants

U9 and U10 teams play with 7 players on a reduced size field. These team rosters consist of a maximum of 10 players.

U11 and U12 players compete with 9 players on a medium size field. These team rosters consist of a maximum of 14 players.

U-13 and up compete with 11 players on a full size field.  These team rosters typically carry between 15 and 18 players.

Team Selection

The number of teams formed for each age group will be determined by the number of qualified participants which enable ELCO United to enter the most competitive teams possible. Teams will be formed based on skill level and there is no guarantee that a second or third team will be selected. If multiple teams are to be formed for an age category, the ELCO United board members will  determine the best team format, that is whether or not to build equal strength teams or graded teams. ELCO United offers competitive soccer for those who would like to work on their skills and try out again the following year, or for those who cannot or do not wish to commit to the year-round demands of the travel teams.


The tryout process is held once a year in the spring. The results of these tryouts will determine the teams for the following fall and spring seasons.


Tryout times and locations will be posted on the club website www.myerstownsoccerlub.org. Players will participate in a series of drills, game situations, and small sided team games.  The evaluators consist of experienced coaches, trainers, and club members. Scoring will be averaged for the most accurate assessment of each player.

Tryout Day

See website for complete details. Participants will be issued a pinnie with a number on it.

• Players must wear appropriate athletic clothes including cleats and shin guards.

• Players must bring their own ball.

• There will be water breaks between drills. Players must bring their own water, etc.

What will the tryout evaluators be looking for?

1. Ball control and dribbling skills

2. Passing

3. Tackling

4. What you are doing when you do not have the ball

5. Shooting

6. Your overall impact on the game, no matter where you are playing on the field.

7. Teamwork

8. Coachability

Use your time playing at the tryouts to show off any or all of these skills. If you are interested in playing as goalkeeper, let the evaluators know.


Participant results will be tallied by the Myerstown Soccer Club Board. Player selection will be determined through a combination of tryout results and coach recommendations. Having previously played for a team does not guarantee a spot for the next season.  Accepted players will be notified as soon as possible after the end of tryouts.